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Blog Topic Ideas for Small Business


Finding a topic for your small business to blog about can be tricky. It seems like it’s always the times you set aside to write that writer’s block kicks in. Here are some tips for helping you choose blog content, as well as a list of some great blog topics for various industries to get you started!

What Should I Blog About?

One of the most recent Hubspot How-To Videos is about the same topic as this article. Hubspot is an amazing digital marketing resource that is worth keeping up with for various sides of your business. Give the video a watch when you have 5 minutes to spare – it details many different ways to look at the same topic, and gives a nod to Hubspot’s own blog topic generator. Speaking of blog topic generators, we recommend Build Your Own Blog’s version as well!

What is the competition writing about?

One of our favorite tips when asking yourself “What Should I Blog About?” is scoping out a competitor’s blog. What are they writing about? Can you give it a unique perspective? And perhaps more importantly… what questions go unanswered in the comments section of each blog post? These opportunities are golden. Think of it this way: if you can answer a question a customer is proactively seeking out, you become a resource they may start to rely on. Furthermore, in terms of search, “how to” is the most popular beginning to a query. If you find the right queries to model your blog post on (using questions in comments as inspiration), you can improve your search rankings AND write an awesome blog post.

Got an opinion? Write about it!

Another popular tip is to take a stance on an issue. Don’t stir up controversy for the sake of it, but understand that getting people excited about an issue is a great way to write a blog post with passion and the ability to be shared by many. To avoid controversy, but still take advantage of potential virility, stay on top of industry news and try to be among the first to “break” big stories.

Example Blog Topic

Now that you’ve have a few different ways to think of topics on a broad scale, let’s break it down into more specific industries. Here are some sample blog topics:

Retail Businesses 

Some great example blog topics for Retail Businesses include:

  • The Top 10 Summer Clothing Trends (According to Recent Sales)
  • What You Need to Throw the Best Fourth of July Party
  • Stop By For __% Discount This Week!
  • Must-Haves for the Holiday Dinner Table

“Business to Consumer” businesses

Business to Consumer (B2C) businesses are those that provide services directly to consumers, or the general public. Landscaping companies, home remodelers, and family law attorneys are just a few examples of B2C businesses. Here are some example blog posts that these types of business could write:

  • The Best Lawns on the Block – Customers Share Success Stories
  • What Tools You Need to Maintain a Beautiful Garden
  • Spring Cleaning: 10 jobs to tackle first
  • DIY posts – How to Fix a Leaky Pipe, How to Program Your Thermostat, etc.
  • The Seven Pieces of Furniture That Will Transform Your Home
  • From Barely-Usable to Beautiful: Bathroom Transformations
  • The First Three Questions You Should Ask Your Divorce Attorney

“Business to Business” (B2B)

 Business to Business companies are those that provide products and services to other businesses. Business attorneys, website developers, content writers, printing companies, and accountants are examples of these types of businesses. Here are a few blog topics that you could consider when writing for your B2B company:

  • Freshbooks or Quickbooks? An In-Depth Analysis of Online Accounting Tools
  • SOX Sucks: How to Stay Compliant in an Ever-Changing World
  • How Can An Attorney Get You the Best Settlement?
  • Business Law: What You Need to Know to Start a Business
  • What Promotional Pieces Make the Biggest Impact?
  • How Can a Mobile-Friendly Website Get You More Sales?
  • What does an E-Commerce Website Need to Get the Most Sales Possible?

Now that you’ve answered the question of “What Should I Blog About?”, you’re going to need an awesome blog design to host it. Contact Iceberg Web Design to learn more about what we have to offer!

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