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Choosing a Content Management System (CMS) can be a daunting task. Between Joomla, ModX, Ruby on Rails, Drupal, Concrete5, DotNetNuke, Umbraco, TinyCMS, and WordPress, among others, there are certainly plenty of options to choose from.   In this article we discuss why we build a vast majority of our websites in WordPress and what advantages it has over other CMSs.


Keep Up to Date on the Latest Technology

One main reason WordPress has kept its market share over the years is the constant improvement of the application. Regular updates to WordPress have added more features that allow users to include all types of content. From Fortune 500 companies, to government institutions, e-commerce businesses and membership websites, many organizations have found WordPress a perfect fit.  At this time there are 48,225 plugins for WordPress, allowing nearly endless options for users. Getting these plugins to communicate properly with your website and each other typically calls for hiring a company who works regularly with WordPress and has extensive knowledge of it’s framework, to ensure design and functionality are implemented flawlessly.

Grow Your Market Share

We use WordPress for a majority of our projects because most of our customers are looking to have a high ranking on Google and the other major search engines. WordPress allows us to use best practices for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), that makes it easier for us to rank our customers website. With the exposure of a being found easily on Google, we can help businesses generate a high return on their investment with their web presence. Our main goal is to solve the business needs for our customers and the SEO functionality of WordPress allows us to accomplish this by optimizing their content to rank on Google.

Don’t Let the Hackers Win

In this day and age cyber security is a top concern of any business that relies on their website to perform. Hackers are continuously trying to find loopholes to break into WordPress websites. Not to worry though, Iceberg Web Design has you covered. With regular updates being released, we stay on top of making sure that your website is updated, working correctly and protected from viscous hackers. These updates are very effective in keeping your website safe as long as you are paying attention to their release. This is why it is important to hire a professional team that works on a daily basis with WordPress and its updates to prevent hackers from disrupting your business.

Content is King in This Jungle

There is a saying “content is king” and this rings true for any successful website. To support this mantra, WordPress allows us to integrate different types of multimedia within our customers website. Then having the ability to train our clients to be able to update multimedia such as video, audio and text allows them to make changes themselves or hire us for a nominal fee. The importance of having good content that keeps your website visitors interested in what you have to offer and the information that surrounds your products or services. This is key to a healthy website that produces positive results.

Achieve Results

The ability of WordPress websites to be able to capture information from a visitor that wants to take action and talk with someone is a great feature. Building out your sales funnel is not only important for a business as a whole, but also the ability to incorporate it into your website to capture potential customers information. There are plugins that allow you to export information into email campaigns and incorporate retargeting to stay visible. Being able to incorporate contact forms, squeeze pages and your companies contact info in a creative way that spurs a “call to action” is one of the reasons why we choose WordPress so often.  Consumers want to be able to easily find the content they are looking for, reach out if they want to learn more about your goods and services and often times make purchases directly online. We find that the customizability of WordPress allows us to solve our customer’s business solutions on a daily basis.  This is why we choose WordPress for 95% of the websites we develop at our Minneapolis website development firm.



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