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Keep Up With These Crucial SEO Tasks

Making sense of something as complex as SEO and it’s importance for your website is best explained with an analogy–your website is like a garden and the SEO tasks are the maintenance. To ensure continual growth of the plants, tasks like pulling weeds, watering plants, and distributing fertilizer are necessary. The same goes for you website. For increased website traffic and higher conversion rates, you must maintain it with specific SEO tasks.

To ensure quality information, we are referencing a great blog post from Search Engine Land. For a more technical explanation of these SEO tasks and their importance, visit

The Importance of SEO Upkeep

Don’t fret, SEO doesn’t require constant maintenance. Some tasks, like migrating from HTTP to HTTPS, is a one-and-done task. Other tasks, like content development, are generally performed weekly or monthly, while a variety of others are just performed quarterly or yearly.

2019 is approaching and luckily, the end of the year is the perfect time to chat with your web developer and reflect on all SEO efforts that have been made this past year. In clearly defining what SEO efforts were working and what were not, you’ll have a head start on the new year!

SEO Tasks

1. Keep Your Content Fresh

As industry’s change and businesses adapt, content needs to be updated to maintain its relevance. Experienced web developers know this and they will be able to help you improve content that is deemed low-quality or irrelevant, while also ensuring users are being directed to the best URLs where the most beneficial content lies.  

2. Do Your Web Pages Load in 3 Seconds or Less?

Per Google, the largest search engine, fast loading websites are extremely important for maintaining a high-ranking website that provides an exceptional user-experience. Talk with your web developer about utilizing Google Analytics to keep track of your website’s page speed.

3. Rid Your Site of Broken Links

Websites require frequent updates. Certain pages may need to be deleted or changed and images will get replaced with new ones. In completing these updates, you are improving your site, however, these updates can result in broken links which can be detrimental for your sites quality. Work with a web developer and utilize their specialized tools to ensure any and all broken links will be taken care of as soon as they appear.  

Need Help From an Experienced Web Developer?

Contact our team at Iceberg Web Design if you have a WordPress hosted website that requires SEO maintenance! Or, if you are in the market for a new website, our dedicated team is more than happy to build that out for you. Give us a call today 763-350-8762 or visit

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