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Upgrade Your Elevator Pitch!

If you can’t get prospects to convert, you have a brand-pitch issue, not a sales pitch issue. Your core messaging is either unclear or off-brand. The way to solve this problem is to quickly get to the bottom line by encapsulating your brand, what it is, and what it isn’t. Upgrade your elevator pitch to provoke and engage your audience by telling them three things:

  •       This is what I do
  •       This is how I solve your problem
  •       This is how I’m different from the rest of the pack

Rather than shouting at your audience or telling them things without allowing them to respond, provoke a conversation. Your tagline should cause your audience to ask (either verbally or mentally), “Tell me more,” or “What’s in it for me?”

Your Tagline

  •       Answers the question, “What do you do?”
  •       Short, provocative.
  •       Hopefully, this will cause your audience to say, “Interesting. Tell me more.”

Your Value Proposition Statement

  •       Articulates how you will solve someone’s problem.
  •       Phrase your VPS as “You do [this], so you get [that].”
  •       A you-focused call-to-action statement—should start with “You,” not “We.”
  •       The human brain will naturally want to make a comparison to make sense of what you have just told your audience. That’s good! It sets you up for the 3rd step.

Your Differentiator Statements

  •       Outlines what you are and what you aren’t in a set of 4-5 sentences.
  •       What makes you different from your competition
  •       Provokes your audience to want to know more about you

Example of an Upgraded Elevator Pitch


Instead of saying, “I’m an accountant,” your provocative tagline could say, “I am a tax liability reduction specialist.”

Value Proposition Statement

“Bring me your taxes, and I guarantee your tax liability will be less than if you were to bring them anywhere else for preparation.”

Differentiator Statements

  •       I can find itemized deductions other tax preparers will miss.
  •       I’m an expert at shifting income to the most beneficial accounts-legally.
  •       I know how to utilize tax exemptions that are often overlooked.
  •       I will document everything clearly and defend my accounting work in the case of an audit for free.

Now They’re Ready to Hear About Your Products or Services

The point at which conversion happens is when they ask the how/what question: “How does that work?” “What do you do?” Speak to their pain points.

When they click on the button, you have them!

Your Brand, Clarified

Once you have clarified your brand, you can implement it across your:

  •       Website
  •       Social Media Platforms
  •       Pitch Decks
  •       Proposals
  •       Printed Materials (One-Pagers)
  •       Digital Marketing
  •       Advertising
  •       “Elevator Pitch”
  •       Bios

Do You Have a Family of Companies?

When you have a parent brand and supporting brands, it’s essential to review the parent company’s mission statement, vision, and values. Are they on point? Fine-tune—or rewrite them if necessary.

Next, write the mission statement, vision, and values for the company offshoot. Ensure these are in line with those of the parent company.

You can now work on the tagline, value proposition statement, and differentiator statements for the sister or child company. Their tagline may be the same, but their value proposition statement and differentiator statements should be unique while still harmonizing with the parent company’s branding.


Your brand can’t serve everyone. Your brand needs to serve the customers who supply 70% of your revenue. Get good at it! Those customers are your base and should be your marketing audience. The other 30% will come to you in their own way. At that time, you can serve them, too.

At Iceberg Web Design, we are branding experts. Call 763-350-8762 or contact us today to meet with a marketing specialist who can help you define and refine your brand by creating a Brand Book for you.


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