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Is Your Contact Page Doing its Job?

Your contact page doesn’t need to be super flashy, but it requires certain features. Let’s look at what your contact page needs to do its job well.

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Your contact page doesn’t need to be super flashy, but it requires certain features to enable prospective customers to contact you about ordering or hiring you for your services. Unfortunately, too often, businesses want to minimize these essential elements. Let’s look at why that could be a big mistake and what your contact page needs to do its job well.

Clearly Label your Contact Page

Avoid the urge to give your contact page a cute name that half of your website users won’t understand. Instead, clearly label the page with something like “Contact Us” or “Get in Touch.” Have the contact page linked in the main menu and the footer of every page. If phone calls are your primary source of customer contact, it is also popular to include a button that dials you directly from cell connections.

Take a NAP for Better Local SEO

Having it listed on your contact page is crucial for local SEO if you have a physical location. Local SEO is region-specific. Any time a user searches for widgets “near me,” they will get a list of local sites. To be a part of this vital page ranking, you will want your NAP.

NAP stands for

  •         Name
  •         Address
  •         Phone Number

Add your business hours and service areas while you are at it. Ensure this information is accurate and consistent across all your social media platforms and anywhere in print or web.

If you have multiple locations, include the NAP for each, highlighting your company’s headquarters.

Use Schema Markup for Your Contact Page

This will help your page show rich results on the search engine results page.

Include a Backup to Your Form—Email

There are many different opinions on whether to include your email address on your site or not. Some people feel that you will get a lot of SPAM, and so you should filter it all out with a form, but you could be losing customers who either don’t feel comfortable using forms or have trouble with your form.

The best solution can be to get a good spam filter or to write your email like this: yourname[at]yourcompany[dot]com

If you use a form

  •         Keep it short and straightforward. Avoid asking for too much personal information. The primary purpose is to allow people to contact you.
  •         Ensure that it is mobile responsive.
  •         Check it frequently to see that it is still working as it is supposed to.

Make it Clear that the Form was Sent

A simple confirmation works wonders, but you can also use this as an opportunity to send a “Thank you! Here’s what to expect next” page. This will help you avoid double forms because the person was unsure if the first one was sent.

Keep Your Contact Page Updated

Your contact page probably isn’t the most exciting page on your website, but it is essential that your check on it every so often to ensure it is still accurate. Set a reminder in your calendar to read all the information and make necessary updates.

How Should You Use Social Media on Your Contact Page?

Whether you should include your social media profile links on your contact page depends on how active you are on those platforms. For example, if you never check your Twitter account, your contact page isn’t a good place to display it because people may try to reach you there, and they will be disappointed that you don’t respond promptly.

Include a Call to Action

You have worked hard to get your website users to your contact page. Don’t stop now! Let them know why they should reach out to you, the best way to contact you, and that there are alternatives if they need to use them.

You may also want to include access to your company’s help desk as well. This can save you and your customers time by quickly getting them the information they need.

Maps and Directions

Many businesses include a map of their location(s) and service areas. And with Google Maps, mobile users can get directions.

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