Why Deadlines are Crucial to the Success of Your Project

Why Deadlines are Crucial to the Success of Your Project

Deadlines Can be a Roadmap to the success of your project

For a website project to succeed, the client and the development team need to work together. We need input from the client to create the website that best represents their brand. We also need the information that allows us to access and transfer their website (if they currently have one) so that the launch of their new site goes smoothly. And, of course, there are deadlines for what we do, from content to design to development and launch.

By creating a timeline with milestones that must be met to complete the project on time, expectations are set for both parties. Therefore, it is essential to plan for these milestones, considering all involved parties’ schedules throughout the project.

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Deadlines Keep the Project Moving

Think of your project as a relay race, where one team member must reach the next milestone to pass the baton on to the person who will continue the race. Each time the baton is passed behind schedule, it can slow down the entire project.

Project managers are aware of this since their job is to keep the project moving. Therefore, as each milestone on the project timeline approaches, they must press the people responsible for “passing the baton” into action.  

Deadlines Keep the Project in Scope

We include all the necessary steps and check-ins when creating a project timeline. If a project goes off its timeline, we need to add extra check-ins; more internal discussion and planning takes place, and the extra back and forth adds to the time and energy put into the project. So, additional consulting must be added because this wasn’t initially planned for in the scope.

Sometimes a project stalls because of changes a client makes late in the game. Each step must be complete before moving forward, so making late project changes can involve redoing several project steps.

For example, imagine we finish the content phase and then the project’s design phase. Then, while in development, a client decides to change their content significantly. Not only do we have to rework the content, but everything that was done after it, since the content is the foundation of your project, and each step builds on the one before it.

Deadlines are a Guide to Problem Solving

When you haven’t met a milestone, it is easy to identify how things got off track, how to get back on track and how to approach solving the problem. This is where project managers shine. Therefore, it is crucial to communicate with your PM to successfully get back on your timeline and get your project moving again in the right direction.

Deadlines set boundaries and respect project participants’ time

At Iceberg Web Design, we use a project dashboard that includes a timeline linked to all the pertinent documents that go along with your project. It changes color as the project moves along, so you always know what is currently happening and what to expect next.

We honor the project’s deadlines because our clients depend on us to deliver an exceptional website on time. Often, launch dates are set to coincide with grand openings or promotions. So, getting the timing right is essential. It is also vital that our clients give us the assets and information we need to build their website on time so that we can do that.

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