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Does Your Business Serve Different Industries?

Give Each Industry Its Own Page 

This is something we often advise our clients to consider when we are working on a sitemap plan. It can boost your SEO regardless of the type of business you are in. Take a look at some of the following examples.

Lawyers Focus on Different Practice Areas 

Broil & Benson, PLLC, is a firm of experienced, aggressive trial attorneys. They fight big battles for even bigger clients, including nine Minnesota counties and the City of Minneapolis, in lawsuits against manufacturers and distributors of opioids. Reading their representative cases shows how exciting practicing law can be. 

Their expertise spans the breadth of 11 practice areas. The individual pages representing these practice areas not only improve Briol & Benson’s SEO, but they can speak to the specific audience that is looking for a lawyer who works in that specialized area of law.

Architects Serve Various Markets

The Adkins Association Inc. is a Minnesota architecture firm founded in 1958 by St. Paul architect and civil rights activist Lonnie Adkins and business partner Reuben Johnson. The Adkins Association Inc. believes that the basis of architecture is creative problem-solving. They take pride in addressing the needs and concerns of all parties involved in a project. They then merge the solutions into an end product with ownership on the part of all involved.

While The Adkins Association Inc. works in numerous industries, they shine in some particularly complex sectors requiring specialized knowledge and experience. Because of this, we built five special market pages to highlight the work they do in these markets:

  • Government/Municipal
  • Mission Critical 
  • Community & Religious
  • Industrial
  • General Commercial

We used these market pages to showcase the firm’s experience in these areas, specifically listing significant projects with which people in the local area would be familiar. 

Promote a Construction Portfolio

Maertens-Brenny Construction specializes in big, complex projects. Because of their experience and self-perform capabilities, they have the agility to keep challenging projects progressing smoothly to completion. 

While they are not limited in what they can do, Maertens-Brenny chose ten industries for which they have worked on projects. Each would have a portfolio page on which we could highlight some of these projects with an industry overview.

This is an exciting way to show potential clients what Maertens-Brenny is capable of doing. For example, anyone in Minnesota would be impressed to hear that, along with completing significant projects at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, the construction firm provides ongoing construction, repair, and other maintenance services to the State Fairgrounds. The Minnesota State Fair is the largest in the United States by average daily attendance. 

Whatever You Call Them, Separate the Industries You Serve

They are unique, so the clients within them are also unique. You want to speak to these clients and customers, so they know you understand their needs and speak their language. This also helps Google identify the keywords on these pages to help people look for businesses that serve their industry.

Iceberg Is Here To Serve Your Industry

Whatever industry you are in, Iceberg is here to help you meet your clients’ needs and help potential customers find you online. If you need a new website or help with your online marketing, Iceberg Web Design knows how to help.

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