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Your Website Deserves a Team of Specialists

Your Website Is Your Most Valuable Marketing Asset

  • 81% of consumers do online research before making a purchase
  • Your website makes the first impression visitors get of your business
  • Your online presence is centered on your website
  • 75% of website users make judgments about a company’s credibility based on website design.
  • Customers get resources from your website
  • You can use analytics and data to better understand and serve your customers.
  • Your website is your best salesperson
  • You can use your website to schedule appointments
  • There are many website integrations that can help your organization internally


If you decide to go with a cheap, fast website solution, rather than maximizing these benefits,  you will get nothing more than a glorified business card. Why would you want anything less than a team of specialists to work on your website, your most important marketing asset?

Why a Team Is Essential for Your Website

Team Structure

When you go to the dentist to have a filling, you always have at least two people in the room: the dentist and the dental assistant. If you have surgery, no matter how minor, there will always be multiple people in the room: the surgeon, the anesthesiologist, as well as other doctors, and nurses. Imagine trying to play baseball with only two players on your team. In each of these examples, having anything less than a full team of specialists is unthinkable. 

You Need a Team for Your Website Too!

With so many specialized things that must be done to create an effective website, it isn’t possible for one person (or even two or three) to do the job right. Consider all of the roles that must be filled and the different things they must do. 



  • Listens to your needs
  • Presents a solution that best meets your needs
  • Hands off the project to Project Management
  • Provides our team with project background

Project Manager

Project Mangement

  • Your active point of contact
  • Manages project timeline, budget, and feature add-ons 
  • Is a liaison between you and the team
  • Coordinates and assigns project tasks

Content Writer

Content Writing

  • Works with you during the writing and consulting 
  • Plans your sitemap
  • Communicates your message using SEO
  • Prepares your site’s written content for development



  • Identifies the design and structure of web pages
  • Form functionality or other complex design and feature requirements.
  • Optimizes for Mobile
  • Creates mockups for review



  • Creates user flows
  • Specializes in accessibility and usability for all users
  • Creates efficient sales funnels
  • Structures a well-thought-out interface



  • DNS Migration
  • Maintains and scales site functionality
  • Client and server-side development
  • Integrations

Digital Marketer

Digital Marketing

  • Establishes marketing goals
  • Creates Campaigns to boost web traffic
  • Identifies marketing metrics
  • Manages Google Ads 

SEO Specialist

Seo Specialist

  • Conducts keyword research
  • Optimizes content for SEO
  • Works with content writers to provide content
  • Analyzes web traffic and adjusts campaigns

Customer Service Representative


  • Customer communication
  • Website updates
  • Support requests
  • Brings in developers when necessary

At Iceberg Web Design, We Have a Team of Specialists.

If you are ready to have your website built right, with a tried and true process and specialized team, Iceberg Web Design is here for you.

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