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icebergwebdesignprocessHere at Iceberg Web Design, we are always striving to make our web site development process as easy and painless as we can for our clients.  A huge component of a successful web development project is clear communication between all parties involved and often times a web development project can seemingly drag on, or appear to be at a stand-still.  Often times these road-blocks are due to lack of communication.

No matter who you choose to work with on your next web project, be sure you have clear channels of communication.  Just having the email address of your developer isn’t a guarantee of having your concerns heard.  Here at Iceberg, we pride ourselves on responding to our clients quickly (often times within minutes) whether by email, by phone or in-person.

As part of our ongoing education at Iceberg, we have been working to implement and improve on our project management strategies which prompted us to design a visual depiction of our development process for our clients.  We’ve always had these steps in place, however making sure our clients can see just how the process flows has helped us avoid some of those typical roadblocks that can occur.

If you’d like to learn more about what makes Iceberg Web Design different, give us a call at 763-350-8762.

Better yet, if you are local, stop by and see our new office space!  A free consultation & beer are waiting!

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