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How to Increase E-Commerce Conversions


It’s no secret that it is difficult to convert new visitors into a paying customer.  There are a lot ways that your information can get taken by the wrong people out there in cyber land.  How can we overcome this?

Build trust, Duh!

There are a number of ways to build trust, but none are more powerful than online reviews.  Using 3rd party trusted review sources allows you to give your web visitors the confidence that other people regular purchase from and trust your company.  There are a number of review funnels that help get good feedback from your customers and promote more conversions.

Another way to instill confidence in your visitors that they are making the correct decision in choosing you is an SSL Certificate and the proper security badges.  Having an SSL Certificate is key as you are protecting your customer’s private information, but it also gives your customer a comfortable feeling that they can rest assured they are protected.   Upon checkout security seals like McAfee Secure and Verified can give your customers that warm and fuzzy feeling that they are safe purchasing from your website.


There is one place where your customer actually clicks on your products and starts down the path of purchase.  Making sure your product page has a clean user-friendly look is of the utmost importance.  High resolution and high quality images of your products will help increase conversions as it is more clear for your customers to make a decision.

Make sure that there that it is easy for your customers to navigate and answer any frequently asked questions.  They aren’t speaking with a customer service rep, but still often times have questions that need to be answered.   Software Ad ons like Snap Engage can even give you the option to chat with a live person if you are able to dedicate staff time to help with online inquiries.


Taking the extra time to create engaging discussion of your products is what drives customers to want or need your products.  Make sure that you appeal to emotions and use descriptive language that speaks directly to your customers.   Most customers are looking for products that will either solve a problem or serve to make them happy.

Product specifications are another important aspect for the analytical shopper out there.   Don’t skimp on the features and benefits when painting the products picture.  More often then note companies will entail the help of a professional content writer to get their point across.

Your website is your business's online welcome mat.


Have a huge stock of a particular product you are looking to move?  Make a special highlighting this product.  Email drip campaigns with specials, advertisement on the homepage; there are a myriad of ways to entice your customers that now is the perfect time to pull the trigger on that product they have had their eye on.

Free shipping is always a great feeling at check out time.  Offering free shipping on certain products or all products will really help move the needle when it comes time to break out the credit card.



What happens if I don’t buy now?  If your customers can see that your stock of a certain item is getting low they will often times not want to risk losing the opportunity.  Making it clear what products you have, what products are sold out and the quantity you have them can help be transparent with the opportunity that is presented to them.  Act now or you may lose the opportunity may seem cheesy, but works.

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