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Each month we have been featuring each of our team members in a profile post, so you can get to know the penguins better. This month, we are talking to Kyle Teeter. Kyle has been a Website Developer at Iceberg Web Design for the past three years.


Kyle Teeter
Website Developer

Kyle | Website Developer Penguin


Have your duties changed since you first started working here?

I originally started as a CSR while I finished up my education in Software Engineering. Once I finished up the education, Iceberg needed a Website Developer and offered me a new position as a website developer.

What do you do for Iceberg’s customers?

As a Website Developer, I help customers maintain and update their websites and work with new clients to build marketing, e-commerce, and custom websites.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

I love being able to work with clients to solve problems. Web development goes far beyond just what the public sees, and I really enjoy the process of discovering how a website can help streamline things within the client’s business.

What is your #1 goal when working with a customer?

My number one goal is to listen to their needs and ideas. They are all experts in their fields, and we learn so much from them every day.

In what other industries have you worked?

I have worked in many other industries over the years, ranging from commercial fishing to education. 

Tell us a bit about your family (including pets):

My wife and I just moved back to Minnesota about two years ago. We have really enjoyed connecting with the community and exploring the area. We have two mischievous cats that are using finding ways to ambush each other when they are not sleeping.

Do you have any hobbies/special interests?

Recently, I have been learning a few new sports like rollerblading and cross-country skiing. Also, I have a lot of fun trying to make new recipes, often inspired by international tv shows.

What is something about you that might surprise your customers and co-workers?

You might be surprised to know that I have a side business in the education industry. It has been challenging, but everything I have learned in the process makes it easier for me to connect with other business owners.

Describe your perfect day.

While I do love my work, I would have to say that a perfect day for me would be spent with my family doing the things that we love to do.

Science or History? Which is your favorite and why?

That is a hard one. I enjoy both, but I would have to go with science. The process of asking questions, creating a hypothesis, etc., is really enjoyable for me. I am quite curious and pretty easily fascinated by things.  

If you were guaranteed the correct answer to one question, what would you ask?

What untruths do I currently believe?

What is your best piece of advice? It can be about anything.

“Listen to advice and accept discipline; then you, too, will become wise. People might make many plans, but what the Lord says is what will happen.” – Proverbs 19:20-21

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Kyle and the rest of the penguins at Iceberg Web Design look forward to helping you solve your business problems. Contact us to meet all the penguins as we create your next website!




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