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At Iceberg Web Design, we love our pets. Sometimes, they even come to work with us! We welcome them into our zoom calls and our office. Our pets enrich our personal and professional lives in various ways, so we thought we would share a bit about them.

CeCe’s Dog, Ziggy  

Ziggy the Maltese! Malteses were bred to be companions and to favor women. Since he was a puppy, I trained him to do tons of tricks like play dead, roll over, high five, and do a dancing turn!

Ziggy is the neighbor dog, trained to run to family friends’ garages to receive his daily treat. He also has been to the office a few times and is the definition of a chill dog. All he needs is a comfy chair and will take a nap. Ziggy has been to a lot of places, believe it or not, even Palisade Head! Yes, I bet you never knew a Maltese could also rock climb with no fear! He is so loving, and like all animals, he has a unique personality.

CeCe's white fluffy Dog Ziggy

Hattie’s Dog, Gimli

Gimli is a great dog that we adopted from Colorado puppy rescue over six years ago. We still don’t know exactly his breed combo, but we love all 109lbs of him. He has been to the office but only saw Jessi.

I’m amazed at how gentle he is with Seamus, our nearly one-year-old human. I’m sure I’ve been in a meeting where the mailman arrives because Gimli is sure to let everyone know.

hatties black dog gimli laying on a blanket

Mariann’s Future Shih Tzu

We don’t currently have a pet but are in the process of preparing to get one.  We moved into our first home last summer and will be getting a fence this spring for a future dog.

We are looking for a Shih Tzu and are waiting to find the right one to join our family.

I had a Shih Tzu when I was a child and I love their personalities. They are affectionate, playful, and intelligent dogs.

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Jessie’s Cat, Ted 

Ted! What can I say about Ted, except that he is the most loving, gentle, soft, snuggly, chill, deck loving, roof climbing, pile of orange LOVE! I rescued him from the humane society seven years ago, and my life has not been the same! Simply because he orders me around continuously! He really is the boss, but I would not have it any other way. He immediately takes my mad or sad feelings and transforms them to love! There is just something about a cat named Ted.

Jessie's orange fluffy cat Ted sitting on a couch

Jessi’s Cat, Kallie 

Here’s Kallie. She is a complete sweetheart to her three people – but be careful crossing her if you don’t live here. Despite always having two full bowls of food, she’s convinced that I never feed her. Kallie is completely deaf but somehow knows when I’m on a video call, as that’s when she needs attention (or, more likely, food). She spends nights carrying cat toys all around the house, howling loudly while she “hunts” for her next stuffed victim. And even though breakfast is promptly at 4 am every day, she’s still the most spoiled member of the family.

Jessi's cat callie sitting by 3 empty bowls

Kyle’s Cats, Paco, and Negri

We rescued Paco and Negri while living in South America. When we found them, they didn’t even have their eyes open. Now that they moved back to the USA with us, they enjoy exploring new things like the snow. They love to join our Friday Zoom calls whenever they are not sleeping in the sun. When friends come to visit, they are always surprised because our cats come when we call them and act a lot like dogs.

Kyle's cats Paco And Negri

Shane’s Dog, Lenny  

Lenny is a rescue from the streets of Hondo, Texas.  After many months of pushing by the Iceberg team and my wife, Britta, we adopted Lenny (Leonard) from Secondhand Hounds. He loves to cuddle and is a fierce protector.  We are still working on returning the ball when playing fetch, but we wouldn’t have him any other way!

shanes tan and white dog lenny

Josh’s Dog, Lucy  

The center of our household is our dog, Lucy. Lucy is a miniature Golden Doodle, and because of her size, many people think she’s a puppy, but she is ten years old. Lucy has a habit of collecting rocks while on our walks (we have a jar with all the rocks she has brought home, and the jar is almost full). She has a favorite spot at the back of the couch where she can spend the day watching the neighborhood and is the first to greet anyone who comes to the house.

Josh's brown fluffy dog Lucy sitting on the back of a couch

Heather’s Dog, Molly

Molly is a Leopard Catahoula mix. She was my parent’s dog, but after they had to go into memory care, she came home with me. She is friendly and extremely loyal. She is a lot of fun to have around. Plus, she loves to walk, so having her has improved my health. Molly visits the office sometimes and enjoys the attention she gets there. Before I had Mollie, I only had gerbils. I still have one named Smokey. Both Molly and Smoky love blueberries, so they share sometimes (safely separated by the glass of Smokey’s tank).

Heathers multicolored dog sitting in a chair in our office

Kari’s Dog, Kody 

The pup in our lives is Kody. He technically belongs to my parents but spends a lot of time at our house and comes into the office whenever he is with me. Kody is happiest when you are lying on the couch under a big fluffy blanket, and he is on your lap, and you are petting his head. He is super friendly but watch out because he will go in for the face lick right away! He is also very good at tricking people into thinking he has not been fed.

Kari's brown and white dog Kody


Our Pets Inspire Us

Whether at home or in the office, having our pets around brightens our day. They keep us relaxed even when working hard to meet a tight deadline, so our finished websites are of the highest quality. After all, you can’t do your best work under stress. They also inspire us as we make websites for businesses that care for animals.

Do you need a new website or a new marketing plan for your business? Contact us!

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