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There are two times during the website development process when you will have an opportunity to provide helpful design feedback. How do you do that most constructively?

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The First Review is During the Mockup Reveal.

The mockup is revealed a couple of weeks after the content phase of the custom site is done. Our customers each have a dashboard where they can access all the completed files from their project. We place a link to the mockup here. Then, we have a zoom call with the client to walk them through the mockup. At this point, the client can deliver the first design feedback.

A mockup includes three static images:

  •         Your Home Page
  •         An Interior Page
  •         Your Style Guide

Your Style Guide

The Style Guide includes a variety of guidelines we will use when designing your website, including your site’s type, fonts, and colors. But perhaps the two most important are:

  •         Style Adjectives
  •         Style Direction and Goals


Two Examples


For a Litigator’s Website

Litigators working on high-stakes cases. They need a modern, accurate, classy, sleek website.

  •         Professional
  •         Tough
  •         Confident
  •         Sophisticated

For a Resort Website

A family resort specializing in houseboat rentals. They need a seamless reservation integration.

  •         Fun
  •         Family-Friendly
  •         Nautical
  •         Laid-Back


How Do We Come Up with These Adjectives?

Because these are two completely different businesses with unique goals and audiences, the adjectives that describe them should reflect that. We come up with these adjectives during our kickoff meeting, the client’s first meeting with our entire team. Often, they come from the client, as they describe their business and their website needs. We are also able to establish adjectives because of our experience.

What Do Adjectives and Goals Have to Do with Giving Feedback?

When giving your feedback, especially during the mockup phase, the important thing is to focus on the site’s goals and whether the design supports them. Your feedback should never be about what you like or don’t like. The website is for your target audience, not you.

The Second Review is the Website Reveal

This takes place after the website is entirely built but before it is launched. For this review, we send you a video with instructions on accessing the website. This is a thorough review of each page of your website. By this time, the overall design of the site has been established. Now you will be looking for incorrect details or photos that you would like to have changed.

How to Provide Final Feedback

To make this feedback most effective, we ask that you write up a document in order of the menu from left to right, including drop-downs, for the headings. Then, under each page name, offer your feedback in the order it appears on the page, top to bottom. Headers and footers are the same on every page, so you can provide feedback on those once rather than on every page.

Don’t Forget Mobile!

Over half of website visitors view sites on mobile, so it is essential to review your site that way, too. Ensure no strange things are happening with the responsive design, the menu, or anything else.

“I don’t like it” isn’t helpful.

  •         Be specific in your feedback. For example, don’t say that you want it to be bolder. That could mean many things.
  •         Consider where we are missing the mark with the adjectives and goals for your site?
  •         Is it off-brand? In what way?
  •         Be specific in telling us the problem. Then, trust us to find the solution.
  •         Offer examples from other websites. This can bridge any communication gaps.
  •         Offer positive feedback, as well, so we know what you like.
  •         Feel free to ask questions and create an open dialogue.

We Would Love to Hear from You!

To learn how Iceberg Web Design can help your business achieve your goals with a website and web-based business solutions, contact us today.

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