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Have you outgrown your brand? It can be tough to know when to make a change. Here are some ideas to help you decide if you should rebrand now.

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Rebranding can include a new name, logo, colors, and fonts. The change can be subtle or drastic. But it is vital to rebrand sooner than later when you sense the time is right. Even Google knows the importance of rebranding. They started out as BackRub.

From BackRub to Google

In 1996, Google cofounders Larry Page and Sergey Brin were working on a search engine at Stanford University. They nicknamed it “BackRub” because the search engine checked backlinks to estimate the importance of a site.

By 1997, the moniker wasn’t working for them anymore. So they began to brainstorm names that would evoke how much data they were indexing. Sean Anderson, a graduate student at Stanford, suggested the word “googolplex.” Page said the shorter “googol” might be better. Googol is the digit 1 followed by 100 zeroes. When checking to see if the domain name was taken, they accidentally searched for “” instead of “” Page liked that name even better and registered the domain on September 15, 1997.

How Do You Know it’s Time to Rebrand?

Branding is the backbone of your marketing. It tells the world who you are, what your company values, and what you offer your customers. Once your branding is established, it can be a powerful tool to help people remember you and turn to you for your products or services. But what if, like BackRub, you have outgrown your brand? It can be tough to know when to make a change. So here are some ideas to help you decide if you should rebrand now.

Are you embarrassed by your branding?

Do you hesitate to hand out your business card or send someone to your website? That might have been what the founders of Google were experiencing. Everything they would hand out a business card, they would have to explain the strange name and what it is they do. What starts out as a creative, humorous name can eventually be detrimental to your brand. It can be crucial to reign it in early on, so you can grow with your new, more fitting branding.

Does your brand lack focus?

Some companies think they should offer everything possible initially. Then later, they realize it is better to niche into one specialty. Other companies lose the site of their branding and discover they are over-diversified. In both circumstances, it is essential to assess what direction you want to steer your ship and refocus, starting with a rebranding effort.

Are you blending in with the crowd?

If you look like the competition rather than the unique company you are, it is time to differentiate yourself by rebranding. Not only do you need to stand apart from the rest of the businesses in your industry, but you should stand head and shoulders above them, clearly defining why you are the superior choice.

Do you want to connect with a new audience?

Good branding means connecting with a target audience. But if you want to change who that audience is, you will need to change your branding, as well. For example, you may have been a haircare company focused on men who now want to market to women.

This was the case for Upjohn in the 90s when they marketed Rogaine to Men. However, their sales began to drop when customers realized it wouldn’t work for all men (as Upjohn disclosed from the start). However, studies eventually found it worked better for women with thinning hair. And there was a market for it. So, in 1997, Upjohn began a new marketing campaign for women.

Do You Want to Change Your Price Point?

If you want to change your price point, it may require a rebrand to enable your current customers to make that mental shift. However, it can also bring in new customers who see your company as more refined and worthy of their business.

A Rebrand is an Overhaul of Your Image

It’s not just a logo change or a name change. It is a total image change. If you haven’t invested in branding, now is the time to define and create your brand. Iceberg Web Design can help. We have you covered, from your branding to your website to your marketing! Contact us today!

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