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Everyone needs goals. Even your website! It is essential to have your website’s direction and goals established from the very beginning of your project. That’s why we learn what they are during the kickoff meeting when you first meet the team that will be working on your website. That way, everyone will be on the same page.

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How Do You Set Good Goals for Your Website?

Often people think about the aesthetic of their website when they describe what they want. They want a specific color palette or a “vibe.” We can certainly do that, but the more important thing is to decide what your website should do for your business. It can:

  •         Increase Leads and revenue
  •         Showcase your portfolio
  •         Raise Brand Awareness
  •         Demonstrate the depth of your experience
  •         Show your expertise
  •         Answer questions to reduce calls
  •         Streamline your business with forms and other web-based tools
  •         Sell products online
  •         Tell your story

The question is, what does your business need most?

That will be your primary goal. Then we can look at the other things you would like the site to do. Those things can be accomplished with features and integrations.

For example, imagine your main goal is to demonstrate the depth of your experience. While a portfolio is nice, you will want some well-written case studies that show how you have used your expertise and problem-solving abilities to help clients in the past. Get a couple of quotes from industry leaders that can back you up. Wrap all of this up with well-written content and beautiful images that evoke confidence in your work.

Perhaps you are also a growing business, and you have been hiring. You can include a careers page and an online application to simplify the process.

An FAQ page can reduce the number of phone calls your office needs to answer each day, freeing up time and saving you money.

Does it Align with Your Goals?

As your web developer, we will constantly ask, “Does it align with your goals?” We will ask this when we create the content, when we design the site, and when we develop it.

If we stray from your goals, we will miss the main point of the website rebuild/redesign. Sometimes, the client is most at risk of straying from the goals because they have an attachment to an idea of how they would like their site to look without considering how it will function. So we always try to return to the site’s goals.

Are You Ready for a Better Website?

We would love to help. At Iceberg, we can look at your business goals and devise a way for your website to meet them. Contact us today!

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