3 Ways to Make a Good Impression with Your Website

3 Ways to Make a Good Impression with Your Website

Your website is only as good as the impression it makes on its visitors. Not only must it make a good first impression, but even more essential is a good lasting impression. Let’s look at some websites that do this exceptionally well and the lessons we can learn from them.

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Your Website Should Reflect Your Values


La Perla Tortillas is a family-owned business. They began their tortilla business at the Mercado on Lake Street in Minneapolis, Minnesota. From that humble beginning, they grew into a 15,600-square-foot business. La Perla shares this rich history on its website and focuses on the company’s most important asset: the La Perla Family. 


Every page somehow leads back to the focus of family, whether it is about family recipes or how the company’s history is rooted in the family’s dreams. This family is not only the Payan family who started La Perla but also the other team members. 

The Total Package

I often think of La Perla as an excellent example of what a website should do. It makes me smile each time I look at it is a good start. I feel a connection to these people whom I have never met. That can be hard to achieve. But with good content, photography, and design, it can be done. 

Your Website Should Make People Want More


KingPinz is a family entertainment center in Fargo, North Dakota. We built this website to launch with KingPinz’s grand opening. First, we needed to create excitement surrounding the different things KingPinz had to offer.


Together design and development team set out to build the best user experience while showcasing Kingpinz’s branding. For example, we structured content into verbs to guide the user in the navigation bar.


  • Play introduces entertainment, Hyperbowling, Escape Rooms, Laser Tag, and The Arcade.
  • Eat showcases their three restaurants, 48 Lounge, Barons Eatery /Bar, and Axis Tilt Snack Trailer.
  • Events introduces their services, like company gatherings, birthday parties, and more.
  • What’s Up is used to keep things fun! This tab is where to find out about jobs, newsletters, blogs, and contact information.


Perhaps even more important was our special attention to the call-to-action buttons. These unique CTAs are easily seen in vivid red against the dark background. They make it clear what the user should do. Anyone interested in visiting KingPinz can click their way around the site with these navigation tools.

Your Website Should Evoke Emotion


The American Association of Professional Baseball is an independent professional baseball league founded in 2005. It operates in the central United States and Canada, mostly in cities not served by major league teams. However, its fans are just as loyal as any MLB team fan, so its website needed to reflect that level of excitement.

The Pandemic

Another critical factor in creating this website was the pandemic. Baseball games had been canceled (at least to the public). AABaseball.tv was the answer to this problem. It would help bring the game to the fans when the fans couldn’t go to the game.

Stats and Links

Other features such as links to the website, ticket sales, and roster of every team in the league allowed fans to see what was going on with their favorite team. In addition, integration with PointStreak made it easy to get the stats to fans when they want them.


But to make this all work, the most important factor was to excite the fans. We needed to remind fans of what they loved about the game of baseball at a time when the excitement in our country had dried up. “We Play for the Love of the Game,” and the header video was crucial to this. Visitors are immediately transported to that feeling of a summertime baseball game. 

Does Your Website Make a Lasting Impression?

If not, contact the website experts at Iceberg Web Design. We are web developers who answer the phone! Our attention to detail and customer service is why clients confidently refer us to family and friends. Contact us or call 763-350-8762

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