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Have You Considered an SEO Tuneup for Your Website?

Your website could use some updates, but where do you begin?  This is one of the most common questions business owners call to ask.  They don’t want to invest in a monthly SEO package, but they know they need to fix some issues to help their site.  An SEO Tuneup can help. 


What Do You Get With an SEO Tuneup?

  • When you request an SEO Tuneup, we will look at your website, focusing on what you need specifically for your business.  We want to work on your most important pages. 
  • We will check the identified pages for best practices and make recommendations to improve their ranking and overall effectiveness. 
  • Then we will make sure the pages are indexed with Google.
  • We will also look at your Google Business Profile

What are your Three Most Important Pages?

This consult or pages may very for some businesses, but your home page, about page, and main service page will likely be the pages we will focus on.  This is because your Home page is a frequent landing page where customers will get the first impression of your business.  They will also navigate into the rest of your site from this page if it is set up right. 

The About page gives visitors a deeper insight into your company, its culture and values, and why they might want to work with you rather than the competition. 

Your main service page shows visitors what you have to offer.  This is where you show off your bread and butter. 

We will look at these pages and optimize them for the best user experience.  This includes proper headings and calls to action.

Then We’ll Make Sure Those Pages Are Indexed With Google

Why is it essential to index your pages with Google?  If they aren’t indexed, they may be invisible.  Google’s bots crawl indexed pages to rank them and return a search engine results page when someone looks up in Google.  To be included in that search, you must first be indexed. 

Optimizing Your Google Business Profile

If you don’t have a Google Business Profile, formerly Google My Business, set up, we can do that for you.  Google My Business is more important than ever to let potential customers know your hours, covid policies, and most importantly, your location.  This helps with local SEO.  And you can utilize Google maps to help mobile users find your location on the run.

Is a Tuneup a Cure-All for What Ails Your Website?

It’s a good start, but it isn’t a cure-all.  Consider your car.  You can get it tuned up with an oil change and inspection, but it still needs gas, or it won’t keep going.  The good news is that our website tuneup can fix the most important things right away and give you a good plan of action for the future. 

Are You Interested in Getting a Tuneup?

Our Minneapolis web development experts are here to help.  Call Us Today!

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