Penguin Profile: Maddy Herman | Iceberg Web Design | Digital Marketing Associate

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At Iceberg Web Design, we have an entire team of penguins dedicated to helping you solve your business dilemmas with web-based solutions. Our newest marketer is Maddy Herman. Today in our Penguin Profile, we will be talking to Maddy to learn more about her and what she does at Iceberg.


Maddy Herman
Digital Marketing Associate

Maddy | Digital Marketing Associate

If you could describe Iceberg in three words, what would they be?

Positive, creative, passionate

What have you enjoyed so far about working for Iceberg?

The ability to grow and learn as a marketer, receiving guidance in any department whenever I need, and meeting some really cool people!

What do you do for Iceberg’s customers?

It definitely depends on the customer and their specific needs, but I deal a lot with optimizing web pages, writing blogs, keyword research, creating and monitoring google business profiles, and some reputation management.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

I enjoy the balance of having creative freedom on certain projects while also having the stability of other tasks. Working in marketing allows me to dabble in a lot of different things and be able to see the impact of my work reflect through the businesses we work with.

What is your #1 goal when working with a customer?

Making sure the customers are happy and are understanding of how impactful our digital marketing efforts can be. Although marketing results don’t happen overnight, it’s important to know that what we do is all for the intention of growing our customer’s business and that they are pleased with what we are doing for them!

In what other industries have you worked?

I have experience in a lot of different industries. Whilst in college, I worked for the newspaper, taking photos/videos and writing articles. I’ve also worked in a video equipment room, as a social media creator, and a server at a restaurant. I like to try new things and see what different jobs have to offer and that’s what I like most about marketing – no day is like the other!

Non-Work Related Stuff

Tell us a bit about your family.

I have two older siblings, a brother and a sister, both who I’m very close with and look up to a lot. My mom is my hero and the person I know I can always go to with anything. She recently moved back to South Carolina and gives me an excuse to go visit the beach from time to time with her. I also have two dogs, Sunny and Stormie!

Do you have any hobbies/special interests?

I love to watch movies! I minored in film studies in college just so I could watch movies for homework. I also enjoy reading a good book and going hiking in different parts of the country with my family.

Describe your perfect day.

Early morning hike with my family and friends, enjoying great food afterwards, and ending the night at a drive-in movie.

Now for Some Deep Stuff

Science or History? Which is your favorite and why?

I really enjoy both so this is a tough question. Something that really fascinates me is outer space so I think science would have to be my favorite to learn about specifically for that reason. Not knowing that there could be entirely different species out there in our never-ending space is amazing to me. I would love to get the chance to walk on the moon too!

If you were guaranteed the correct answer to one question, what would you ask?

What is the true meaning of life?

One last question: What is your best piece of advice? It can be about anything.

Stop overthinking it.

Connect With  the Iceberg Team

 Thank you, Maddy, for sharing a bit about yourself for this week’s Penguin Profile. And thank you for all you do to keep our customer’s design projects running smoothly. 

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