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The Top 5 Things Every Website Should Have

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If you want a website that connects with your audience, it is essential that you include the following five things that most people want to see on a website. When put together professionally, these ingredients will attract and keep eyes on your site and your business.

1. Contact Information

According to a Hubspot poll, including contact information on your website is critical to 62% of those polled. In addition, they rated “Contact Us Information” as the most important element you can include on your company’s website.

Why Contact Information Is Essential To Your Website

How will they find you? How will they contact you? How do they know you are a legitimate company? It reassures them that if they enter into a business relationship with your company and something goes wrong, they will have someone to contact. 

Do You Want Privacy? You Still Need To Include Contact Information

While it may seem obvious to include contact information seems simple, many companies decide to leave their contact information off of their website. Sometimes they have a good reason. For example, many companies are now run from private residences and worry about potential customers showing up at their homes. Even if you don’t want to include a physical address, there are other elements you must have on your contact page.

Always include a: 

  • Phone Number
  • Email address or
  • Contact Form 

Where To Put Your Contact Information On Your Website

The ideal location for this contact information is in the footer and on a contact page. Also, include your phone number in the page’s header if you are open to receiving phone calls.

Consider including a clickable “Contact us!” CTA that links to your contact form. Also, embed “Contact Us” forms throughout your site so visitors don’t need to search for a way to get in touch with you.

2. About Us 

An About Us page, properly written, can help you share your brand and its story. People care about who they do business with. 85% of consumers say they will only consider a brand if they trust it. So sharing your business’s story and highlighting its core values is critical to your brand’s long-term success. Briefly tell people who you are and why what you do matters. 

Introduce Your Team

Your About Us page is where you will introduce your team. You can do this in a general way with a team photo and a couple of paragraphs about your team as a whole, or you can introduce a few specific team members and include bios and headshots. Consider a dynamic team section for a more in-depth look at your team. This gives a page to each team member where you can highlight their accomplishments and what they will do for your customers. 

Show Off Your Personality

While your entire site should express your brand, your About Us page is the perfect place to talk directly to your audience more intimately. You can share the history of your business and why you run it the way you do.

3. Mobile-Friendly  

More than 60 percent of internet users access online content through mobile devices. Therefore, your website must be accessible on mobile devices. It must also be able to respond to them. When a website is mobile responsive, the user doesn’t need to pinch in and out to read content and information.

A responsive website design allows your website to adapt to the size of any screen on which it is viewed. So whether you use a desktop, phone, or tablet, you won’t ‘notice any difference’ in your site’s general appearance.

Mobile Responsiveness is essential for SEO

Since April 2015, Google has included mobile responsiveness in its SEO algorithm. So, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly and your competitor’s site is, theirs will appear in Google search results before yours! This is because mobile responsive sites prevent a lot of frustration for users. If they can’t call you or easily navigate and read your content, they may just abandon your site altogether.

Mobile Responsiveness Promotes Easy Link-Sharing

When a user shares a link from your website with a user on a mobile device, responsive design ensures the mobile user can access the responsive layout of the website.

If your website design is not responsive, the link-share is useless for mobile users because they will not be able to see all the information on the page. 

4. Quality Content

Content is more than words on a page. Your website must have a clear purpose, defined by relevant content. Content sets the tone for your branding and relationship with your audience. We always take a content-first approach at Iceberg Web Design. 

Organization Of Your Content

Along with having straightforward, helpful content, your content must be organized and displayed effectively. This includes proper use of headings. Using the right keywords in your headings and the correct hierarchy of heading types can add significant value to your SEO. Even more importantly, You can make scanning the pages of your site easier for readers.

Formatting Your Content

Using bulleted lists, infographics, and images can visually express content. They also help break up your content, making it easier for visitors to digest and skim. Include calls to action wherever appropriate and make sure they are linked.

5. A Blog

A blog is one of the most effective opportunities to create and distribute high-quality content related to your products or services. Your blog can help you reach new audiences, increase brand awareness, and convert prospects through educational, valuable content.

To get maximum SEO benefit, your blog should be listed under your domain (something like www.yourcompany/blog) instead of off-site through a third-party service.

Content Creation Must Be Ongoing And Regular

It’s essential to create content on a regular basis, either weekly, every two weeks, or monthly. However, this can be difficult for businesses that don’t have an internal content writer on staff. Iceberg Web Design has a content team that can help you accomplish your business goals with your website.

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