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We Are Web Developers Who Answer the Phone

Meet Jessie. She Answers the Phone!

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Jessie Gutzwiller, our customer service representative, typically answers the phone. Having a dedicated CSR is an essential part of our business. When our customers call, they need to talk to someone immediately. So we answer the phone. Even if we have to take a message for someone on the team, they will return the call as quickly as possible.

How Our CSR Helps Our Customers

Most calls that come in are telemarketer calls from other businesses that market to web developers. The next most frequent call that comes in is a lead call. These people are looking for a web developer or digital marketing services. Finally, every couple of months, someone calls asking if we can make another Amazon, Etsy, Tinder, or Pinterest. But more often, we get calls from serious business owners who want to market their businesses in a more innovative, effective way online.

Our Process

Iceberg’s process begins in sales. Then at a kickoff meeting, it is placed into production, which our project manager oversees. The project manager becomes your point of contact for the production phase. Your project will start its time in production with content. After content, it goes to design and development. Then after QA and review, it is launched. Once we launch the website, our customer service representative becomes your point of contact. Jessie will oversee all changes and answer your questions.

Common Ways Our CSR Helps Our Customers

The most common type of customer service calls that Jessie fields are requests to reset an email password. This is simple enough, but there are many other things she does. For example, she answers questions about how to do things on the customer’s site and connects potential clients to our sales representative. She also makes all the updates to client websites.

Jessie Loves Working on Customer Websites

What Jessie loves most about her job is when she can help someone right away without having to enlist the assistance of another developer. To do this, she has taken a lot of continuing education courses. She is currently taking a photoshop class which she says is the most challenging one she has taken.

Last year, Jessie received a certificate in HTML from Codecademy, enabling her to build new customer pages. A great example of this is Instinct, a dog training franchise. In the last four years, Instinct has doubled in size, adding four locations. Jessie has built a new location page for each of them.

Jessie Works on Many of Our Websites

Advice From Jessie 

Jessie says that the best way to contact us is by email. This way, you can give us all of the details in writing. But we also welcome phone calls and are always here to answer them from 9 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday.

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