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A Look Back at Our 5 Favorite Blog Posts of 2022

Looking Back At 2022

2022 was a year of getting life–and business back on track as much as possible. While things will never be as they were before the pandemic, it seems we can breathe a bit easier. Business owners have learned how to pivot quickly when something like Covid dramatically changed the way we do business. 

Iceberg has changed. We are now a hybrid working environment. We couldn’t imagine this before the pandemic. We now know what activities work best in the office, how to work from home successfully, and how to nurture remote employees.

What Is on the Minds of Our Readers?

If we look at the most frequently read blog posts on our website, the most pressing question on our readers’ minds is whether or not their website is doing the job for them. To help them out with this, we have a couple of great posts about this. The most popular post of 2022 is about website audits. This is when we take a look at your site to find what needs to be improved.

  1. Start the Year Off with a Website Audit

Once you know what needs to be improved, you can give your website the SEO tune-up it needs!

  1. Is Your Website Due for an SEO Tuneup?

We will come back to number 3 in a minute. But first, let’s look at number 4 on this list. 

      4.  5 Things Your Website is Missing

This post offers some relatively easy ways to improve your website. And they are all things that can be done today! 

Some Techie Posts That Made Our Top 5

Some posts are more high-tech. We tackle things that many people would never want to approach on their own (after all, that’s why they call us). However, many people want to know what is happening in the digital industry. Others want to take a whack at working on their SEO.

Tackling the Retirement of Google Analytics–What Will We Do Without It?

When Google announced they would retire Google Analytics in favor of GA4, there was plenty of discussion throughout the digital marketing space. So we decided to share with our customers how we responded to this change. 

  1. Is Your Website Ready for the New Google Analytics?

Improving Your Keywords

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords help readers and Google understand what your web page or blog post is about. They’re not synonyms. Instead, they are terms that help give the reader and Google context. Thanks to changes in Google’s algorithm, you can use LSI keywords to reduce keyword stuffing and improve your SEO and the overall writing style and flow of your content.

      5.   LSI Keywords and Your Site’s SEO

And as a Bonus–A Positive Change!

For years, misguided ideas about accessibility have harmed the SEO of countless websites. Google has been addressing this in its algorithm by rewarding accessible websites. But, again, it comes down to usability. 

As our UX/UI Designer, CeCe Talbot, explains in this post, “twenty percent of Americans have a visual, auditory, ambulatory, neurological or cognitive disability. 71% of disabled users will leave a website if it’s not accessible. While you may not assume anyone in your target audience is impaired, many disabilities are not immediately apparent. Ensuring your website is accessible to everyone will open your business to a larger audience.

This post received only one view less than our number 5 post. This is exciting news. It means that people recognize the importance of accessibility for their website and their customers who interact with it. 

      6.   Accessibility (a11y) and Your Website

We Look Forward to What 2023 Has To Offer!

As always, Iceberg Web Design will continue to bring you quality content in the coming year. We will also continue to make great websites. Yours could be our next!

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