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These days it’s easy to find a low-cost option for your website if you are willing to build it yourself. But to have a beautiful, professional-looking website that will meet your business’s needs, you need a professional web developer and designer. But why? What can they do that you can’t?

Two Creative Web Developers Working In Studio

Trying to build your website yourself is like being your own lawyer or Real Estate agent, or dentist. There are many reasons why we hire those people and others to do the things they were trained to do. They have the experience to do an exceptional job.

A Professional Web Developer is FAST

Our developers have made hundreds of websites. Because of that, they are efficient. From the first conversation they have with a client, they start thinking about what the client needs for their site and how to make that happen.

The Pros Follow Industry Standards and Best Practices

There are things you should do to keep your website fast that most people don’t know. There are also things to avoid.

Web developers and designers know the industry standards that improve access to information on the web. We follow those practices with every website we build. This ensures that people with visual and other impairments can access the same information as someone with 20/20 vision.

We can say, “That’s not a good idea, because…” when a client wants something that will harm their SEO or make it difficult for their website to accomplish its purpose. For example, you should never put text on an image.

Our developers also know the potential potholes that can show up along the way—and how to avoid them. This saves a lot of time and frustration.

Web Developers enjoy their work

Being on the back end of a website can be tedious. You often spend eight hours staring at your computer screen writing code, but developers love doing this, and they are good at it. It is a lot like a composer putting notes on a page that mean little to a layperson. But when the music is played, it’s beautiful. All that code becomes a symphony on your website.

Developers Have More Control Over Customization

They can combine features from multiple plugins and make them look cohesive by making changes to the code. As a client, you can come to us with your ideas, and the developer can make them happen.

A Professional Developer Brings an Outside Perspective

Clients are often too close to their project to see the big picture. That’s a normal thing. When we gather all of the information we need from you at your kickoff meeting, we can sort it out and put it together in a way that will attract customers and business contacts for your company.

The entire team at a Web Development company brings this outside perspective. We know the best way to assemble your site map and name the pages because we do this every day. We have professional content writers, SEO specialists, developers, designers, and a project manager to ensure your website project runs smoothly.

How is Your Website Doing?

Is it time for an update? Are you ready to give up trying to cobble one together on your own? We offer solutions to your business problems. Contact Iceberg Web Design to learn how we can help create a website that does what you want.







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