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We often hear the terms web design and web development used interchangeably. Likewise, it can be difficult for someone outside of the industry, and even those within it, to know the difference between a web designer and a web developer. Is there even a difference?

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There IS!

I recently asked one of the developers at Iceberg (who is also a designer) to share what distinguishes one role from the other.

What a Web Designer Does

When you are moving around the web, everything you see was designed by someone. Some sites have been poorly designed, while others are elegant and beautiful. All of these visuals appear on what we call the front end of your website.

A web designer considers the color palette, fonts, the use of space, and more. Where will content go? What does the content say, and how should that affect where and how it appears on the page? How about images? They will use CSS and HTML to make the magic happen.

But a good web designer will also consider what is happening on the back end of the site. That’s where the web developer does their job.

What a Web Developer Does

A web developer works on the back end of the site. While you don’t necessarily see what they have done, you do experience it. Their work ensures your site is fast and stable. They write the code that builds the site. As they do their job, they keep in mind the way the site was designed. They use JavaScript and PHP to make the magic happen.

The Best of Both Worlds

Someone who is both a developer and a designer can put on whichever hat is needed to get the job done. You can think about the front end and the back end at the same time. They’re the right person for the job.

Do you need a Developer and a Designer?

Iceberg Web Design is known for the beautiful websites we build with your business and marketing solutions in mind. If you need a new website, digital marketing, and more, contact us today. Our developers and team actually answer the phone.


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