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What’s on Your Website Wish List?

Having an extensive website wish list isn’t a problem if your budget is limitless. But for most businesses, it’s important to keep the reins pulled in.

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When business owners ask us to build a new website, they usually come with a wish list. Of course, they will want the usual pages and often features like a blog, search capabilities (sometimes sortable), galleries, integrations, e-commerce features, etc. The list can get long if you let it.

Consider Features that Make Doing Business Easier

Often people only think of websites as benefiting their marketing efforts. And they do increase your marketing prowess. But there are many other ways to use your website.

You can improve customer satisfaction through better communication and employee satisfaction by enhancing internal efficiencies with features like:

  •         Optimized Sales Funnels for better leads
  •         Careers Pages with applications for hiring
  •         Member or Employee Portals
  •         Scheduling Integrations
  •         Fillable Online Forms
  •         Document Library
  •         Education information accessed by users via a password
  •         Location Maps for your projects or business locations 
  •         And more!

When You Want Too Much of a Good Thing

Having an extensive wish list isn’t a problem if your budget is limitless, but for most businesses, it’s important to keep the reigns pulled in.

Another reason we recommend breaking up extensive website wish lists into smaller ones is none of these features will help your business until your website is live. To give you everything on the list would take a lot longer than you want to wait to have the initial site built. So instead, we create the site with the most important features first, and then we immediately begin working on the remaining features. This allows you to use the site as soon as possible.

So, it is often a good idea to build a website that meets your needs and then add on the other features you want later. We often call this planning out your website into phases.

We may also recommend building a website in phases if your business is in a period of growth. You might anticipate the need for a particular feature during that time, but you aren’t quite sure how it will fit into your business plan yet.

How to Choose from Your Website Wish List

The first step is to meet with our salesperson, Shane Bader. Shane will talk about your business goals and what you want to get out of your website and digital marketing. He can help you sort through what features are essential now and which ones can wait until you are ready to add them later. Our goal at Iceberg Web Design is to serve your business in the way that will best help you grow now and in the future.

Contact us today to see how we can help fulfill your website Wish List!


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