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Fresh Content Improves Your SEO

Years ago, blogging was an easy way for people to post about their lives on the Internet. Now, it’s become a must for businesses of all sizes that want to gain traffic, grow their following, and improve their visibility in search engines. And there are good reasons for this. There are a lot of ways that your blog can enhance your SEO. But it’s not as simple as just throwing a blog onto your site. Let’s look at some of the reasons and ways your blog can help your site rank higher!

Fresh, Current Content

You probably don’t make many changes to the other pages on your website. For example, perhaps you update your Team section when you have turnover, but beyond that, your site’s content remains relatively consistent. And that is a good thing because if you make too many changes to your pages, your site, which was once cohesive, can become disordered.

A blog, however, is the perfect place to add fresh, high-quality content that focuses on topics relevant to your audience. In addition, your blog should be your website’s most frequently updated section. This can make a huge difference in your SEO. 

Why Is New Content Valuable?

Would you trust an article from 2012 as much as one written a month ago? 

Google knows people feel this way. They don’t want to promote outdated information to searchers. Websites regularly offering new, updated content signal that they are alive and well. As a result, search engine algorithms have more reason to index your website more often!

Google highly values new, original content regularly added to a website. This tells Google and site visitors your site is active. There are live people behind the site who care about what visitors want or need.

How Often Should You Post to Your Blog?

There are a lot of opinions on this. Unfortunately, there is no perfect on-size-fits-all formula. The best thing to do is post–and post consistently. If you are starting a new blog, it will take some time to get a lot of content up. 

The good thing is that in the beginning, you will also have plenty of ground you can cover as you share valuable information about your industry and services with the people visiting your site. In addition, the quality of those blogs will go a long way toward establishing your expertise and authority.

How Long Will It Take To See a Difference in Your Ranking?

For small businesses without a strong web presence, ranking high in search results takes time. While it can be frustrating to wait for the results, they will come. It is a process, and your site will climb in the rankings as long as you do what needs to be done.

So how long are we talking about? It usually takes Google three to six months to rank websites once they have been optimized using (SEO) techniques. This can vary depending on the industry you’re in and the keywords you have used. In more competitive industries, it can take up to a year to rank due to the high level of competition, domain age, and accumulation of content.

Step One–Your Site Must Be Crawlable

How does Google know what is on your site? Google-bots! Google’s bots crawl billions of websites, collecting and adding information to Google’s web index, where it then catalogs it. Your website must be crawlable and readable by these bots, or it can’t be indexed and, thus, will never rank. So make sure the pages and posts you want to have ranked are indexable.

Is This All a Little Overwhelming?

No problem! The SEO specialists at Iceberg Web Design are here to help. We write blogs for businesses like yours every day. So call us to see how we can help your site rank!

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