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5 Marketing Tips To Start 2023

Marketing Planning Strategy

Owning a business has many moving pieces, and for digital marketing, there’s more to it than just having a website. You cannot depend solely on word of mouth and a storefront indefinitely. You need to market your business to gain more customers and leads for the products you’re selling. Now, that might sound straightforward, but you need to consider what marketing you’re putting out there. Sometimes impulsive or unthoughtful marketing can cost you more than you think in the long run. Here are 5 marketing tips to bring to your business and how they can help your specific target market:

1. Develop Some Audience Personas

With your business type, you will always promote to a specific target audience or sometimes a few key target audience(s). Marketing your product for everyone puts you in danger of actually appealing to no one. That’s what creating an audience persona is for, making sure the right person finds what you are selling. First, ask yourself what your ideal customer looks like to you.

Here are some basic questions to get you started:

  • What age, area, and income?
  • Would they be a repeat buyer?
  • Would they buy this product impulsively or wait for a sale?
  • Are they the decision maker for this product or service?
  • What is their budget for this product or service?
  • What problem(s) are we solving for this person?

You need to know the ins and outs of your customer’s lifestyle and why specifically they would choose your products. Whether you do that through surveys, reviews, or just a general questionnaire, this will help you understand your ideal customer profile(s).

2. Pick The Social Media That Works For You

Social media has become a central digital marketing platform for many businesses. You need to take advantage of some free platforms that can give you access to your target audience. You also need to be strategic in what platforms will benefit your business. Some social media platforms could be a waste of time for your company. 

If you’ve decided that you have the time and money to invest in all social media platforms, that doesn’t mean you put the same thing out on each one. You must be specific and intentional with what you’re putting on those platforms. Linkedin can be used as a way to market to other businesses and make networking connections, and great for B2B. Facebook can appeal to your specific target audience and can be a tool used to showcase information about your business. If you feel your business is best viewed through pictures and videos, maybe Instagram is the right place for you. Pairing with an influencer on TikTok could be a great way to garner attention to your product.

Whatever platforms you choose, research the best methods to market your business on those platforms and create a plan to do so. Make sure your content is still solving problems, letting them know about your business, and or delighting your audience. 

3. Let Your Culture Shine Through Your Branding

 Many customers make buying decisions based on their feelings about a brand’s values. A business that displays and embraces company values such as integrity and equality is important to showcase to your audience. But beyond that, you need to build a culture from those values that you can make known through your branding

Potential customers want to know what makes your business different than your competitors, and you need to do that with a brand identity. How do you want your customers to perceive your business? People will notice if your company’s culture aligns with that brand identity. You build a sense of trust with customers because they know that you will deliver on your brand promises and that your culture is something they want to invest in. 

4. Make Email Marketing A Priority

For your business, email can soon become your best friend. Everyone uses email to communicate something, so why shouldn’t you? Use email marketing as an opportunity to educate your customers. Allow it to answer your customers’ questions or share any deals you have going on or what you have going on for events, etc. And while email can help a lot with closing customers that may have bought from you once or want to learn more about you and are considering your product. 

More isn’t always more with email; it can also cause harm if used too much. We all know what it’s like to get those countless spam emails. Don’t become a business that over-uses email marketing because it may lead people away. Instead, make your emails strategic and meaningful to your audience, which will help drive them on a journey to becoming long-term customers.

5. If You Need a Quick Fix, Look Into PPC or Ad Management

Sometimes your business needs immediate attention that simple marketing efforts won’t do quickly. Some solutions can help you get the awareness you need to drive more customers to your website.  Ads can be targeted to fit the location and interests of your ideal customer persona(s) when they are actively looking for your product or service.

PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, is a digital advertising tool that puts your business at the top of the search page. The marketing tool is exactly how it sounds. You pay each time someone clicks on your ad. So while you may be spending money for the marketing service, you’re getting more traffic, and qualified traffic for your website, when done correctly, will lead to more sales.

Ad management has a very similar concept to PPC as it is a paid ads campaign through google ads management or social media paid ads. Because the targeted ad placement on the chosen platform, the opportunity allows potential customers to discover your business more efficiently and get those qualified leads because they are looking for you. 

Call An Expert That Answers The Phone

Here at Iceberg Web Design, we know that marketing can be time-consuming and sometimes confusing. Rather than figure it out for yourself, choose a team that has extensive knowledge in successful marketing and ad campaigns that will work with you to understand your goals and help you achieve them. Iceberg Web Design specializes in digital marketing for its customers and is eager to put your business known online. Call today to discuss your business’s marketing needs.

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