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Which Social Media Platform Is Great For Business?

If I had to choose one social media platform to recommend to every business, I would opt for LinkedIn. This is because LinkedIn will give you the most significant return on investment for most companies.

Smiling Woman Pointing On Something On A Tablet. How LinkedIn Can Benefit Your Business

A Powerful Networking Platform

As a platform for professionals, LinkedIn is perfect for business-to-business networking. And you won’t be bogged down with nonsense posts that frustrate users of other platforms.

You can request recommendations from past clients, employees, and business partners to increase your credibility. These are like solicited reviews that you can choose to post on your company page. Then, when new visitors read your page, it can help them decide to do business with you.

To leverage this networking powerhouse even more, join LinkedIn Groups within your industry—or create your own! This can help you establish yourself as an expert and build camaraderie with others in your field.

Attract the Employees You Want

Post job opportunities on your LinkedIn company page to find the kind of employees who will go the extra mile. Job seekers looking at LinkedIn will likely be more innovative and professional than those skimming the surface of most job search sites.

Encourage (But don’t require) your employees to have a LinkedIn profile page where they can showcase the skills they bring to your company. Some employers worry that their people will be poached this way, but the truth is, if you treat your employees well, you don’t have a lot to worry about. By letting them show what they do for your company, businesses considering working with you can see the kind of people you have on your team. It may become your most significant selling point.

Showcase your Products and Services

By creating a LinkedIn company page, you can feature products and services that you offer. Link to your website and corporate LinkedIn Profiles (which also link to your website) to improve your site’s SEO. More importantly, this provides another avenue for people looking for your services to find them.

LinkedIn is a Great Opportunity to Share Content

Whether you reshare a blog from your website, post an infographic or a short video, LinkedIn is a great place to put that content. Companies that post 20 times a month, on average, reach 60% of their followers with one or more updates; and 20% of followers are typically reached with one status update. Those are great numbers for any social media platform. But it’s even more impressive when you consider that you are reaching your target audience and not just your aunt Tilly.

Tell Your Story

Far from being a dry and dull platform, LinkedIn is full of inspirational stories that encourage others in the business world. These stories are genuine, and they are what help build the connections between the professionals that visit LinkedIn every day. By being authentic and unique in the way you present your story, you can not only gain views but help to make the business world a better place—more human.

A Final Word of Advice

Link to Your LinkedIn page from your website and vice versa. Do you need help with your website and other web-based marketing? Contact the experts at Iceberg Web Design.

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