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Why Your Site Needs a Careers Page

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A careers page on your website showcases your brand as an employer. It presents your work culture and specific job openings and highlights why prospective applicants would want to work there.

Because your careers page is typically the first point of contact for new applicants, they will decide whether they want to apply based on its messaging. Since you own everything on your careers page, giving you complete control over the end-to-end candidate experience. As a result, you can present the best possible version of your company with the right content. 

Promote Your Brand Image

Like every other page on your website, your Careers page is a place to communicate your brand image and values. How you do this can significantly affect whether a prospective employee decides to apply and accept a position in your company. This gives you a greater chance of hiring the best talent who visits your website hoping for a job. 

Boost Your Business With an Image Of Growth

Clients tend to give more business to the companies they trust. Having a Careers page gives your clients the impression that you are a quickly growing company! You are growing enough to be hiring.

Make Your Hiring Process Easier

It is critical that your careers page has a depth of engaging content and provides a great user experience. Your Careers page will serve as your central employer branding platform. It can reduce the complexity of hiring and showcase vacant positions and job requirements on your website or via a link to a third-party platform. In addition, your Careers page can serve as an application portal for potential candidates.

Reduce the Time and Cost of Hiring

Stop spending thousands of dollars and precious time on job consultancy firms to hire the right candidate. Your career page can positively impact cost per hire and time to hire.

Applicants will find a Careers page on a well-structured site, organically, significantly reducing the need for paid candidate sourcing. In addition, your company’s website is a  24/7 information hub you can leverage to attract and recruit candidates.

Thanks to your accurate and concise brand messaging, savvy candidates will pre-screen themselves to establish a good fit. The above benefits can make the overall process faster and less costly. And a well-designed Careers page can spare your HR staff emails and calls with questions about how to apply for jobs.

A Careers Page Sets Employment Expectations

Use smart navigation to make it easy for visitors to find your Careers page. Present all the relevant information a job seeker will need to make an application decision. Your career page can outline each job profile, expectations, and candidate requirements. These details often give a candidate a sense of security in their decision to apply. Lack of more information often gives applicants second thoughts. Then, seamlessly transition into a reliable application portal. This process creates a positive candidate experience that continuously brings in qualified candidates and converts them to successful new hires.

Long-Term Benefits to a Careers Page

Visitors to your company’s Careers page may not be looking for a job. But they may learn something new about your company or get more information that could lead them to return when looking for a job. 

Have you filled the position? The applications coming in still have value. Save high-profile or attractive CVs to build a priority database of pre-screened top talent for future use.

Because your careers page is on your company website, you can track a vast array of visitor statistics, including traffic, locations, demographics, and engagement data. You can then use these metrics to target your messaging.

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