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The most important thing to pay attention to when creating or modifying your website is its content. That’s because content can make the most significant difference in your website’s overall SEO. Let’s look at why that is and how you can create content that will give your site an edge over the competition on the search engine results page (SERP).

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Good Content is Likable

It is even more than just likable. It stands out from the crowd as having what other content on the same topic is missing. It might be a unique perspective, an expert voice, a deeper dive, or a fresh way of explaining the topic. Whatever your content has, it makes it irresistibly readable, shareable, and something that people want.

Good Content is Linkable

Your content can be the most enticing information in the world, but if you can’t link to it, search engines won’t like it and won’t rank it. Examples of this kind of content include slide shows and content that you can only access after logging in (and even then, it can’t be shared).

Good Content is Optimized for the Right Keywords

When you are trying to decide what keywords to focus on in your content, do your research. You will want keywords that are a natural part of the content. Don’t over-use them. This is called keyword stuffing. Search engines don’t like it, and they will punish websites that employ such tactics. The keywords you choose should be in demand enough that people are looking for the topic, but not so in-demand that your content will never make it to the top of the pile. It often takes a little trial and error to find your sweet spot, but you will soon get the hang of keyword research.

Good Content gets Updated Regularly

Don’t allow your site to sit stagnant for too long. It sends the message to site users and Google that your content isn’t fresh or relevant anymore. Instead, update your content regularly by adding to your blog, updating an event calendar, refreshing a page’s content, etc. This will send the message that you are paying attention to your content, and that means it is more trustworthy than stale content that hasn’t been changed in two months.

Professionally Written Content Makes a Difference

Iceberg Web Design offers professional SEO content writing services for custom websites, subscription sites, and SEO services. If you would like to take your business to the next level, we have the solution for you. Contact us today!


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