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Is Your About Us Page Prioritized?

Your About Us page could be the most crucial page on your website. Learn five reasons you should be prioritizing your About Us page.

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Most businesses want their homepage to look perfect. They wouldn’t dream of having incomplete or incorrect information on their contact page, and their product or service pages must be stronger than their best salesmen. But those same businesses often gloss over their about page as an afterthought. But your About Us page could be the most crucial page on your website. Read on to learn five reasons you should be prioritizing your About Us page.

1.      Customers Want to Meet You when They Can’t Meet You

Before they hand over their hard-earned money for your product or decide to do business with your company, customers want to know that you are real.

If you include bios or team pages as part of or offshoots of your About Us page, share more than just dry facts. People want to connect by having something in common with you or a team member. For example, “You like playing Wiffle Ball? I love playing Wiffle ball!” Allowing some tasteful humor to be a part of your About Us page is another way to connect with your audience.

2.      Your About Us Page Makes You Human

Some business owners are embarrassed to talk about themselves and their experience. This seems especially true in the upper Midwest. In content interviews, I am sometimes asked, “Where is this information going to go?” When I tell them it is for the About Us page, they blush and clam up. “I don’t want to come across as arrogant or bragging,” One local business owner said. I assured him that I would be very tasteful in presenting his story. He reluctantly shared his story, and in the end, was very pleased with how it came across on the page—genuine.

3.      Your Values Matter

Potential customers want to know your company’s values before they hand over their hard-earned money for your product or service

One client felt like his back story wasn’t significant enough to include on the website. But it was the most important thing we could share. He and his family started their business from the ground up. They also supported their community by making all their company’s purchases from other local businesses. That’s not bragging—that’s a big deal to potential customers.

4.      It’s An Opportunity to Talk to Your Customer

Your About Us page is one of the best places to talk to your customer in a personal, non-salesy way. While you are in business to make money, you also have a reason you chose to do what you do. Let your customers know how you can serve them and why you help them the way you do.

You may have a philosophy that drives you or a reason you believe in what your company does. Share it!

Do you give a certain amount of time or money to charitable causes as a company? What is your WHY?

5.      Honor Your History—For Your Employees

For companies that have been around for multiple generations, one of the coolest things they can do is a mini timeline with historic photos. This immediately shows that you aren’t a fly-by-night operation. It also gives many people warm fuzzies as they think about you upholding the values of the company’s founders.

Feeling good about your company’s history is essential not only for your potential customers but for your employees as well. Employees want to feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves, and they want to be proud of it. Having an About Us page that honors its history and calls out its purpose is an excellent place to start. Of course, you have to follow through on that purpose as part of your business practices (but that goes beyond the scope of your About Us page).

Do You Need Help with Your About Us Page?

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