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Do You Need an SEO Plan That Works for You?


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How do you know if your SEO marketing plan is working? Often the way clients measure whether their plan is succeeding can leave them feeling confused and frustrated. The reason is they aren’t using the proper yardstick.

Traffic Vs. Industry Keywords

It can take quite a while to increase your ranking for your industry’s most competitive keywords. More important is the traffic that a good SEO strategy will drive to your website. With a targeted campaign of white-hat link building, long tail, and medium to low competition keywords, your traffic will increase in a few short weeks.

Quality Content = Decreased Bounce Rate and Increased Shares

Some people will churn out low-quality content for the sake of adding something to their website. They hope this will pique Google’s interest and improve their SEO. However, it is far more critical to put out high-quality content.

This content should be original, with new research, analysis, and insights. The topics you write about should be explored in-depth in a way that is relevant to the keywords you are focusing on. Internal and outbound links to reputable pages pertinent to your keyword will increase your page’s authority. And never, ever keyword stuff.

This level of content will not only make Google notice you, but the readers who land on your page will appreciate the content rather than bounce. If it’s excellent, they may even share it!

Numbers Vs. Quality Traffic

Rather than driving everyone to your website, only to have 80% of them leave right away, it is a better strategy to have your target audience visit your site. Those are the 20% you made your product or service for—not the other 80%.

For example, if you sell a particular diabetic shoe, you aren’t going to market it to everyone. Instead, you will focus on people with diabetes and perhaps other people who suffer from neuropathy in their feet. Those are the people who are most likely to buy your product. So, numbers can be deceptive. It isn’t high numbers that make a difference; It’s having the right numbers.

Again, for this, you will want to focus more on your bounce rate, shares, and leads. And, of course, if you have an e-commerce platform, your sales numbers will be the best indicator of how your marketing efforts are working.

Do You Need an SEO Plan That Works for You?

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